Hello! My Name is Garfield, I'm 19, and I just thought this would be a fun thing to try out. I'm using this as a portfolio for my art and a place to put random thoughts.

Ideas/To Do list
  • Add a secret Bee's Bird Corner to the birdwatching page as a little treat to myself
  • finish commissions page
  • Upload biter/crabsnake and danny phantom powerpoints (easy just tedious)
  • make a shrine (pros: a dirk shrine would give me a perfect place to put that ted talk I love to give about how badly the epilogue fumbled his character, mason would get a kick out of a sammy shrine. cons: cringe culture may be dead but it's ghost is doing just fine and i am weak to psychic attacks)
  • cat page (my cats+cats i see often like toby, zoe, and gracie. a pet shrine for mr kitty maquire would be funny)
  • maybe a page to show off my jacket? (maybe only if i bite the bullet and make a vest too)