← Back I hyperfixated on Danny Phantom for 4 months in 2021, and as with most of my hyperfixations I form opinions and a pressing need to share those opinions. I had strong thoughts on a few characters, and then had the thought that I should rank every character. Click on a slide to fullscreen.
What Are The Ranking Criteria?

Narrative Interest: How much do I go “oh sweet this dude again!” when they show up? Or if they contribute to the overarching plot, do they do it well?

Design: Are they good to look at? Does their design fit their character and their narrative role?

Kicks Ass: Can this ghost kick my ass 7 ways to Sunday?

Ghost Catergories

Because there's a lot of ghosts, I've broken it down into sections.

Minor Villians: Only show up once or twice and don't cause too many problems.

Major Villians: Important, shows up frequently, and/or you know shit’s going down if they make an appearance

Good Ghosts: Don't want to beat up a 14 year old

The Lunchlady
8/10 (Minor Villian)

Narrative Interest: 8/10 She's the first ghost, which earns her alot of points. Her motivation is clear. It makes sense for her to frequently show up. Does not make sense as to why she has so much beef with a 14 year old though.

Design: 10/10 She's a lunchlady ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kicks Ass: 5/10 While she can in fact kick my ass, it's not super intimidating that she basically just throws raw meat at you. It's more gross than anything.

8/10 (Minor Villian)

Narrative Interest: 9/10 Probably the most frequently appearing ghost, and it makes total sense. He's obsessed with capturing Danny since he's an oddity, which means it makes since for him to beat up a 14 year old. Also at some point in the show he's on the payroll of a major villian, which gives him even more reason to hunt a high schooler and gives more justification for him to show up.

Design: 7/10 I love his design. It's fits him pretty well, and I love his mohawk. Plus the fact it's a robotic exosuit and he's actually a stupid little green blob is pretty funny. Losing points for his dumb little skimpy legs. Losing more points because in his first appearance his mohawk was blue and they changed it to green, they should of kept it blue.

Kicks Ass: 8/10 Skulker would absolutely destroy me. But he's a little bitch so I'm docking points.

Sidney Poindexter
6/10 (Minor Villian)

Narrative Interest: 7/10 He's only a villian in his introductory episode, and then he's pretty chill. He doesn't show up often, and I'm not gonna lie most of the points he gets in this ranking are just because I like him.

Design: 10/10 His design fits him perfectly, and I think him being in black and white is an instresting detail.

Kicks Ass: 2/10 Nope. Nada. No. I think a strong breeze could knock Sidney over. Still gets 1 point though, since he can overshadow and he does cause problems that way.